The CANOPEX database contains data for 698 watersheds across Canada.

The use of this database is free for all non-commercial applications.  For any other use click here.

The database is in two different formats (MATLAB and ASCII US MOPEX database format).

The MATLAB format datasets are organized as a cell array, in which each 
cell contains data for a single basin. The data is indexed as fields in a 
MATLAB structure.  For the ASCII format, data is presented in 6 columns as in the US MOPEX

Col. 1: date (yyyymmdd)
        2: mean areal precipitation (mm)
        3: climatic potential evaporation (CANOPEX does not have any PET data
        thus all data are set to the missing data code -99.0000
        4: daily streamflow discharge (mm)
        5: daily maximum air temperature (Celsius)
        6: daily minimum air temperature (Celsius)

Each format is provided with two sets of meterological datasets:

       a- ENVCAN:  Climate data is taken from Environment Canada weather stations (some missing data)
       b- NRCAN:   Climate data is taken from Natural Resources Canada's 10km
                Gridded climate data product (no missing data).

 Files to download:
        Map of the 698 watersheds 4.8 Mb  .tiff
        Station metadata  0.1 Mb  .xls
        Watershed boundaries (lat-long ASCII files)   1.3 Mb  .zip
        Watershed boundaries shapefile  1.3 Mb  .zip
        ENVCAN-MATLAB watershed data 177 Mb  .mat
        ENVCAN-ASCII watershed data 146 Mb  .zip
        NRCAN-MATLAB watershed data 182 Mb  .mat
        NRCAN-ASCII watershed data 148 Mb  .zip

Please use the following for referencing:

Arsenault, R., Bazile, R., Dallaire-Ouellet, C. and Brissette, F. (2016). CANOPEX: A Canadian hydrometeorological watershed database. Hydrological Processes, 30(15), 2734-2736. doi:10.1002/hyp.10880.